THE REMARKABLE (KWITA IZINA) MOUNTAIN GORILLA NAMING CEREMONY: The Mountain gorilla naming ceremony (Kwita izina) is one of the most celebrated annual nature events or ceremonies. This great nature ceremony is conducted in Rwanda “country of a thousand hills”. It was established back in 2005.

THE REMARKABLE (KWITA IZINA) MOUNTAIN GORILLA NAMING CEREMONY: The mountain gorilla naming ceremony is carried out every year to celebrate and welcome newborn baby mountain gorillas at Volcanoes National Park Rwanda. This most celebrated nature event was established to continue pushing hard for the conservation of these great and gentle primates since some years these rare mountain gorillas were really being hunted by poachers and very few people or organizations were concerned.

This great nature event (kwita izina) is also celebrated to keep monitoring these newly born baby mountain gorillas as they survive and grow in their natural habitat (volcanoes national park) in Rwanda.

Since the establishment of this mountain gorilla naming ceremony, over 340 mountain gorillas have been named and the namers who participate in this ceremony are both local and international people who have worked so hard for the conservation of these mountain gorillas.

In this year’s gorilla naming ceremony, which happened on the 2nd. In September 2022, Arsenal’s football legend Gilberto Silver all the way from Brazil named a baby mountain gorilla “Impanda” from the Sabinyo mountain gorilla family. Impanda means (Trumpet) and the main reason behind this name is to call upon all people from all over the world to play their role in protecting and restoring biodiversity.

Besides Gilberto Silva other famous people from all over the world took part in this year’s gorilla naming ceremony for example Uzo Aduba (an American actress) was among the namers in these 18 editions of the mountain gorilla naming ceremony, Deir Drogba also a famous chelsea footballer legend was among the tamers.

It is important to note that there are some steps and considerations taken while giving names to these awesome baby mountain gorillas and names always carry a meaning and the meaning reflects on the conservation factors.

Traditional dances, local foods basket weaving, and African music are also performed to boost this remarkable mountain gorilla naming ceremony.

All in all, this (kwita izina) mountain gorilla naming ceremony has played a very big role in creating awareness, supporting local communities, and conserving these incredible mountain gorillas. you can as well trek these rare primates so as to play your part in this conservation process because the money from the trekking fees is used to pay rangers who sacrifice their lives to protect these incredible animals in their natural habitat and also some money is used to build schools and hospitals in around volcanoes national park.

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