The Unforgettable Foot Steps Of Queen Elizabeth to Uganda And Kenya. On the 8th of September 2022, the world came to a standstill as Her Majesty now the late Queen Elizabeth II was announced dead.

Queen Elizabeth II was crowned as a Queen back in 1952 after the death of her father the late King George VI. Queen Elizabeth has been the longest-serving monarch in the history of the British Empire since she has been the Queen for 70 years.

Queen Elizabeth the Second died at 96 years and exactly after her death, her eldest son now King Charles was appointed as the new king of Britain (God bless the king).

Remembering the unforgettable and momentous footsteps of the late Queen Elizabeth II while in Uganda and Kenya.



Back in 1952 by then Princess Elizabeth and her husband Phillip visited Kenya for a lifetime wildlife adventure and it is reported that Princess Elizabeth enjoyed the close encounter she had with the wildlife in Kenya. During her first day in Kenya’s wilderness, she filmed rhinos, warthogs, baboons, elephants, zebras, and many other unique and interesting wildlife species.

However, while still enjoying her stay in Kenya’s wilderness (Aberdare National Park) sad news emerged that her father King George VI had passed on and this meant that at just 25 years Princess Elizabeth became the Queen of Britain while at the treetop hotel in Kenya.


THE UNFORGETTABLE FOOTSTEPS OF QUEEN ELIZABETH II IN UGANDA AND KENYA: The late Queen Elizabeth II visited Uganda two times and that was in 1954 and recently in 2007 but interestingly on these two official visits, the footsteps left by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will never be forgotten.

Why did Queen Elizabeth II visit Uganda in 1954?

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visited Uganda in 1954 to officially open the newly constructed bridge which was to connect Lake Edward and Lake George, but during her stay in Uganda, she took some time off to experience Uganda’s wilderness at Kazinga National Park, she a boat cruise experience whereby she got to see lots of wild animals while on this boat cruise experience like the elephants, hippos’ birds and crocodiles.

At the end of her visit, Kazinga National Park was renamed to Queen Elizabeth National Park in her honor.

There is no doubt that Queen Elizabeth II played a momentous role in promoting tourism in Uganda and Kenya because so many tourists from all over the world travel to Uganda and Kenya to follow in the Queen’s footsteps and her majesty will always be remembered. (Rest in Peace Queen Elizabeth II)

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