Why not connect with the community on your trip to Uganda? Tell the exact story of the locals. Rangeland Safaris has strong bondage with the communities. We promote tours that connect with the tourists and the local communities along the routes of tours. We are very flexible in integrating community activities into your tour packages to give you the blend and feel of the locals.



We are in partnership with Uganda youth skills training organization for Volunteering skills that advocates for a better future for the youth in Uganda and worldwide. So should you need to volunteer with us while on a Uganda safari, feel free to send us an email and we will tailor for you the itinerary that you will love.


For those travelers who want to spend their money on tailor-made, independent, affordable yet professionally run safari, Range Land is the company. You will have to leave Uganda a better place.


For a purposeful travel

Why not join the women’s group of Katungulu fishing village in weaving baskets and other crafts or one of our sponsored schools in Queen Elizabeth or the tea farmers in the villages?

Let us be your bridge for a memorable trip in Uganda while on your Uganda safari.

Children of Uganda

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