Nature’s Frontline

Wildlife rangers and those they work with in the field are at the frontline of conservation. Their contribution is invaluable and deserves more visibility and support. We invite you to help us bring their voice to a wider audience


What We Do


Nature’s Frontline is a conservation organization that focuses on the role that Rangers play in protecting wildlife and habitats.


Our story


Nature’s Frontline started life as an Uganda / UK Ranger-based community conservation project (The Queen Elizabeth Parks Project). The success of this project and the public interest generated by it led to an expansion of our objectives and the creation of World Wide approach to telling and supporting the Ranger’s story.


Our Success Stories


Nature’s Frontline successes include the creation of a pioneering community conservation project ‘The Queen Elizabeth Parks Project’ which brings together Rangers, teachers, and community leaders in a cultural and educational exchange linking Uganda and the UK.

We have also


  • Worked with local communities in protected areas to support both wildlife and people.
  • Developed and delivered Ranger and teacher training programs
  • Supported Rangers in the field through the provision of training and equipment.
  • Supported widows and orphans of Rangers killed or injured whilst undertaking their role in protecting wildlife.
  • Created a portal website to tell the Ranger’s Story and get the conservation message to a wider audience.
  • Been a founder member of and instrumental in the creation of the ‘United for Rangers’ network.


How you can help


  • There are three main ways you can get involved with Nature’s Frontline.
  • Visit our Website, Facebook page, and other Twitter feed, then encourage others to do the same. The more supporters we have the more powerfully we can speak up for wildlife conservation.
  • Volunteer with Nature’s Frontline, we need a range of people to help us in our work from fundraising and admin to research and community engagement activities. Contact us for more info.
  • Donate – We need equipment such as Binoculars, GPS, Digital Cameras, Tablets, Solar Panels, and of course money.


How are your money and equipment donations used?


Money is used to finance projects with Rangers, Communities living in and around Protected Areas, and schools. Equipment is provided directly to Rangers or loaned out to schools.

Nature’s Frontline is run as a low-cost organization, we endeavor to make sure that any money donated is used responsibly and for sustainability.

We have strict protocols governing how we spend our resources and prefer projects that build personal capacity rather than perpetuate the charitable giving model.

Would you like to know more?

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