Safari Van

Ranger Car Rentals Uganda offers Safari Van rentals, providing a comfortable and spacious option for travelers looking to explore the diverse landscapes and wildlife of Uganda.

The Safari Van, often a modified Toyota Hiace, is designed to accommodate larger groups with seating capacity ranging from 9 to 14 passengers. These vans are equipped with large windows, allowing passengers to enjoy panoramic views during wildlife safaris. The Safari Van is an ideal choice for group tours, family vacations, or those traveling with a team of researchers or photographers.

With a reliable 4×4 capability, the Safari Van can handle varying terrains encountered during safaris in national parks and game reserves.

Ranger Car Rentals ensures that each Safari Van is well-maintained and comes with an experienced driver-guide who is knowledgeable about local flora, fauna, and safari etiquette, contributing to a memorable and educational safari experience in Uganda.

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