Did you know you can taste a variety of local foods together with local dishes while on your Uganda safari? These have different forms of preparations that we are sure you will fall in love. Delicacies you should taste while on a Uganda safari include;

Matooke: Matooke is also known as cooked bananas that are peeled, put in green banana leaves and then perfectly cooked or steamed. It is served with a variety of stews and dishes such as meat stew, ground nuts stew, chicken stew, fish stew to mention but a few.



Rolex: This is made from rolled eggs. A local delicacy prepared on Ugandan streets, hotels, restaurants, and lodges. These also vary from vegetable rolled, meat and chicken rolled. While on your Uganda safari, this is a delicacy shouldn’t miss.

Luwombo:  This is a traditional dish steamed to perfection and a delicacy to many locals. So many of the restaurants and hotels in Uganda do prepare it and can be served with a variety of foods such as matooke, rice, Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, posho, cassava, yam, etc. Types of luwombo include chicken luwombo, meat luwombo, smoked fish in gnuts luwombo, mushroom in gnuts, fish luwombo, pork luwombo and plain.

Katogo: This is also a local delicacy especially preferred by many during breakfast. It is also prepared in different forms such as matooke katogo, Irish katogo mixed with beef, groundnuts, chicken, peas, beans, etc.





Nsenene ( Grasshoppers) : During the wet seasons especially in November, most Ugandans eagerly wait for nsenene as it is a delicacy for so many people. The preparation is very simple and these come out as popcorn-like with high protein, fats, and nutritious. They are fried with their own oil with a nice aroma.

While on your Uganda safari, these and many other delicacies not mentioned here should not be missed out both locally prepared and snacks. Plan, book and we will make it happen.


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