What Makes A Successful Safari:

What Makes A Successful Safari, a safari starts from the day the client. Sends the first inquiry to the tour operator or a safari company. So this means your reply (you the tour operator) might give the client go ahead. To continue asking you some questions regarding the desirable places he or she wants. To visit or to stop discussing with you.

Below are some of the factors which make or lead to a successful safari

The professionalism of the administrator/ the operations manager.

In many safari companies, these are the people who receive and reply to the inquiries sent to the company. So his or her professionalism in replying and giving facts about the questions asked to him or her by the client. Also makes the safari successful because always clients do their research before sending inquiries. To tour operators and in case and in case you start giving wrong information to the client. It might distract his or her mind most especially when the client did not receive or see what you promised him. While on the safari hence professionalism of the administrator is highly needed to daft a successful safari.

Time management.

This is also a key factor in making a safari to be successful. We all have it in mind that during a safari preparation, we always draft the internal to follow and this internally always has a specific time in which the activities have to be done. Meanwhile, in case you fail to manage time a client might end up missing some activities. Yet he or she paid for such activities. For example, there are some activities which are determined by time. For example, gorilla trekking or even missing flights, so time management is also among the factors that lead or make the safari a successful safari

Safari van

It is very hard while on an African safari to avoid using a car while on a safari and you all know that most African countries are in the third world with poor roads yet you have to travel long distances to access some national parks, so to make the journey smooth the tour operator has to be with good vehicles with air conditions with comfortable sits at least to make a client enjoy his or her adventure so this also has to be put in place most especially the 4×4 cars with a pop up to enable clients to take good shots and to enjoy game drives.

Experienced Tourist guide.

This is the main character and the tourist guide plays over 70 percent role in all safari because the moment the client lands on the ground or makes a visit to a specific country he or she, is picked up by the tourist guide so under this the guide has to be professional, experienced, knowledgeable and in case the guide has to act as a driver he or she as to be a safe driver guide and it is also advised a guide as to be linguistic because they always meet people from every corner of the world hence a tourist guide also plays the main role in making a successful safari and that is why they are always tipped by the clients at the end of the safari.


These guys also play a key role in making safaris to be successful. It is important to note that these guys rangers spend most of their time in the bush protecting these animals from poachers and also helping clients to trace the movement of animals most especially the mountain gorillas, so this means the ranger has to be part, has to be with knowledge about animals because they communicate with them and incase a client is doing a wrong act which might bring any danger to the animals has to be stopped by the ranger, in other words, the ranger also has to give guidelines to the tourists in order to avoid making mistakes which might distract all safari.

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What Makes A Successful Safari:

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